Ikariam AutoMap Utility v0.8.2


This is a tool for generating your alliance map on the whole Ikariam world, on any server. Please use this tool wisely and don't abuse it. This map creation tool make a few assumptions about your Ikariam game window.
1. It assumes that you are using the standard game window in Ikariam 0.2.8 with no add-on script.
2. It assumes that you have sufficient privileges in your alliance to display all the town names and coordinates in your Embassy.
3. It assumes that your browser can select all the page's content with CTRL+A (including the content that is not visible, but present). Some browsers might not work properly; make sure your browser extracts the page in the right order (town coordinates should be extracted before the internal alliance page).
4. It assumes that you will copy+paste the WHOLE embassy page without altering it in any way. The script expects to find certain text elements to guide it through the extraction process.
5. PRIVACY WARNING - Unless you uncheck the checkbox below, your alliance name will be printed on the map, at the bottom left of the picture.


To use this tool, you need to open your Embassy page, then click CTRL+A to select the whole page's text. Copy the text using CTRL+C. Then, click in the text area below and paste the content using CTRL+V. We respect your privacy and we will never log or store your alliance information in any way. Please note that the image name is timestamped and obfuscated, so that nobody else can overwrite it or recover it later. Maps are deleted daily.

Alliance tag (case sensitive, no bracket):

Include my alliance tag in the generated map:

Text extraction of your Embassy page:

Reference coordinates (optional):
Town/island at [: ]

Coordinates of interest (all optional, all as lists of [XX:XX], e.g. "[1:1][50:50][33:47]"):
Battles (red crosshair)
Battles (blue crosshair)
Strategic spots (red diamond)
Strategic spots (blue diamond)

Zone of Influence calculation (optional, value in 1-10):
Radius around each island

Overlay map (optional) Quadrant
(Note: When generating an overlay map, no zone of influence is calculated and the generated map has a transparent background. The overlay map can be used to combine maps from different alliances in one single map. Quadrants make it easier by assigning corners on each island for up to 4 alliances. Click here to get an empty background.)

Click this button after you have pasted your Embassy page extraction and selected your map generation options:

This free application was created by Galanax, leader of the Raven alliance (RAVEN) on Zeta server. If you like this script, imagine how the Raven Officers could help you optimize your alliance's efficiency! To discuss a Peace Treaty, a Military treaty, or Cultural co-operation, please contact the Raven Diplomat on the Zeta server.
RAVEN... we DO eat flesh.